hands holding crystals for reiki

What is Reiki

Rei= Universal Life Force      Ki= Energy 

Energy based healing technique by laying on of hands developed by Dr. Usui in Japan, which originated in Tibet thousands of years ago. Balances chakras (energy centers of the body) allowing energy to flow freely through the body and the energy field. Blocked energy anywhere in the physical body or etheric body can cause “diss-ease” leading to disease. When balanced, self healing can happen in body/mind/soul/spirit.

About me

I, Danielle Sheridan, have been passionate about Reiki since 2020. I first experienced Reiki after I had hip surgery in 2016. Reiki substantially contributed to my healing both physically, mentally and spiritually.  Prior to this experience, I was quite skeptical of how Reiki worked. However, I was pleasantly surprised how I experienced an array of sensations during the session, producing a relief of pain and stress. After being diagnosed with a chronic illness in 2019 and searching for alternative ways to manage it, I once again discovered the healing powers of Reiki. This opened the door to becoming a certified Reiki Master.  I am excited to share this wonderful way of healing with others.

hands holding crystals for reiki

Frequently Asked Questions

What is distant Reiki? Distant Reiki is just like an in-person Reiki session however can be done anywhere. Reiki is not limited by distance. Distance is a physical limitation  only. During a distant Reiki session I will channel Reiki energy to you for the allotted time and after you will reciprocate an email, text or phone call about the healing session. I have had great success with this method resulting in relief of physical pain, illness, and stress. Most people experience tingling, warmth or other physical sensations.  

How will Reiki help? Reiki takes your body out of fight or flight mode allowing you to be in rest and restore mode which promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

Danielle Sheridan
Reiki Master